Ferdinando Imposimato, elected Italian Senator, 1987-1992, and 1994-1996.  Elected to the Chamber of Deputies (Parliament), 1992-1994

Statement of
Ferdinando Imposimato
I decided to join this wonderful organization because I believe it is absolutely necessary to know the truth about what happened on 11 September and also what happened before and after September 11. This is important not only for peace but also for the development of all countries of the world,  including Italy, that have the same democratic organization as the United States, and that, however, have become limited sovereignties because of the influence of powerful lobbies and intelligence agencies interested in destabilization.

There exists a dreadful suspicion that September 11 was planned and predictable and preventable, and that there were political forces, governments, and intelligence agencies that wanted September 11 to happen to justify the Iraq war and other initiatives involving the unfortunate fate of all humanity.

Unfortunately some of those who voted for that unjust war are at the apex of certain countries, including Italy. This war has marked the beginning of the destabilization of the whole planet.

I am a student of Thucydides, a great Greek historian who said "we must look to the past to understand the present and predict the future.” We cannot regain our freedom and full democracy through the fake democracy of the mass media, or by starting from the shameless lies of the big daily American newspapers.

My motto is derived from a thought of Aristotle: "Amicus Plato, magis amica veritas.” "I am a friend of Plato, but an even greater friend of truth.”

My book, "La Grande Menzogna" (“The Big Lie”), does not claim to have discovered a lot, but it seeks to make a small contribution to the search for truth, which for me is always a vital need.